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Breast Cancer Care

Breast cancer patients receiving treatment at Noosa Hospital have access to personalised, individually tailored care through our Breast Care Nurse service.

Noosa Hospital's Breast Care Nurses can offer emotional support and information to patients and families.

What is a Breast Care Nurse?

A Breast Care Nurse is a registered nurse with a special interest in breast disease who has undergone specific training.

The Breast Care Nurse can:

  • Provide additional information about my treatment, surgery and recovery
  • Provide emotional support
  • Provide a link to community services
  • Provide a link to allied health services
  • Explain medical terms
  • Discuss surgical procedures
  • Provide information about prosthesis and bra fittings
  • Help understand side effects of systemic breast cancer treatments such hair loss and premature menopause


1. How do I arrange to speak with the Noosa Breast Care Nurse?

You can ask the nurses or your doctor to contact the Noosa Breast Care Nurse for you. If you are not in hospital you can still arrange to speak to the Noosa Breast Care Nurse, please email or call 07 5455 9283 and leave a message.

The Noosa Breast Care Nurse works variable hours and will contact you at the earliest possible opportunity.

2. Will the Noosa Breast Care Nurse support members of my family?

Yes, with your permission we are happy to support members of your family. Whilst the particular details of your treatment are private and confidential, the Noosa Breast Care Nurse can arrange to explain information and provide resources to family members.

3. Who are the Breast & Endocrine Surgeons at Noosa Hospital?

Our dedicated Breast & Endocrine surgeons regularly attend Noosa Hospital and work closely with the Breast Care Nurse.

Click here for more details about these specialists.

4. Will the Noosa Breast Care Nurse be in theatre?

A visit from the Noosa Breast Care Nurse can usually be arranged before theatre. On most occasions the nurse will visit on the day of surgery once you have returned to the ward.

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