Noosa Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee’s role is to represent community views in relation to health care needs and expectations of the Hospital. The Committee also communicates with the community to relay information about the Hospital, its direction and its operations.

Committee Members

  • Mr Justin Greenwell CEO
  • Ms Danielle Taylor Chairperson
  • Dr Nick Kahl Community Representative
  • Mr John Milland Community Representative
  • Mr Bob Ramsay Community Representative
  • Ms Tess Alexandroff Community Representative
  • Mr Bob Abbot Community Representative 

(L to R): Community Advisory Committee member’s Bob Abbot, Danielle Taylor, John Milland and Tess Alexandroff. Other committee members not pictured are Dr Nick Kahl, Bob Ramsay and Noosa Hospital CEO Justin Greenwell.