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Medical Scribes collaborating with Emergency Doctors

Dec 05, 2016

Noosa Hospital Emergency Department began utilizing the innovative and extremely effective position of medical scribes in November 2015. On a daily basis scribes are working alongside physicians charting, organising and enhanced the productivity and thoroughness of medicine. Through the utilization of scribes, doctors are able to spend more time with their patients providing exceptional medical care instead of performing time-intensive clerical duties.

Dr Phebe O’Mullane, Emergency Specialist at Noosa Hospital and the founder of MedScribe, is no stranger to the necessity and benefits of scribes, as she herself worked as a scribe during her 4 year pre-med studies in the United States.

Dr O’Mullane is passionate and versed in the knowledge and benefits scribing will bring to Australia and says ‘It is all about educating physicians that there is a more thorough and efficient way to practise medicine. I believe as doctors we should be focusing on our patients and practising more medicine, while delivering the highest possible quality of care available. When my scribe works alongside me, I feel I can be providing this and not distracted by consuming administrative tasks.”

Results from the pioneer trial at Noosa in 2015 showed that working with a scribe resulted in a 46% increase in number of patients seen, with a 29% decrease in consult time. This increased efficiency means more productive doctors and shorter waiting time for patients.

Dr John Richards, a Sunshine Coast Emergency Specialist, states “I finished shifts with a scribe far more refreshed than other shifts, despite seeing twice as many patients. Any task that isn’t direct clinical contact, procedural, judgmental or referral can be delegated to the scribe.” Clearly scribes help keep the physicians invigorated and prompt.