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Look at new eye doctors, equipment at Noosa Hospital


Look at new eye doctors, equipment at Noosa Hospital

Nov 05, 2019

Noosa residents again have access to private ophthalmology services at Noosa Hospital. Ophthalmic Surgeons, Dr Kristopher Rallah-Baker and Dr Madeleine Adams have started at the hospital, providing a wide range of procedures including cataract surgery and minimally invasive glaucoma surgery.

Noosa Hospital has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in state of the art equipment including a new phaco machine for cataract surgery and surgical beds to modernise and streamline patient care. Facility manager Shane Mitchell commented, “It has been a pleasure to support the commencement of a comprehensive ophthalmology service at the hospital. We are fortunate to have two committed ophthalmologists providing onsite clinics and surgery. We look forward to working with them to support the growth of the ophthalmology service.” Mr Mitchell estimated that several hundred private patients a year will benefit from the new service.

Dr Kristopher Rallah-Baker commented on his experience commencing ophthalmology at the hospital.

“Noosa Hospital’s investment in the latest equipment means we can provide a comprehensive general ophthalmology service. There is excellent access to clinic for patients with wheelchairs (near main entrance with no steps). The patient experience with the new theatre equipment and patient flow has been excellent and the staff are friendly and caring. I live up here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and will continue to increase clinic and theatre space as the practice grows with the community.”

Dr Madeleine Adams added, “I am delighted to have fulfilled a long-held dream of opening a practice in paradise. We have brand new ophthalmic machines that allow high resolution imaging and measurements of the eye. Noosa Hospital have ensured that the operating theatres are fitted out with state of the art equipment to allow us to provide a top-notch surgical service. It has been such a pleasure working here; everybody has been so welcoming.”

Privately insured Noosa residents with ophthalmology needs, should see their GP or Optometrist for a referral to Noosa Hospital.